EcoBank Collection Drive

Since 2016, EcoBank has collected some 75 TONNES of used items and saved them from going into our fast depleting landfill. The initiative and the EcoBank Bazaar have reached out to thousands of the public to learn more about recycling and waste reduction. In 2018, we also introduced Fashion 3R, a sister initiative that aims to spread awareness about sustainable fashion and the true cost of consumption. In 2019, 6 eco-champions walked the eco fashion runway to promote conscious consumption in fashion. In 2020, EcoBank is back for the fifth time. Through the 8 collection points and some private donations over a month-long period, we have collected some 20 tonnes of items.

However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, all EcoBank activities will be postponed till further notice. We thank you for your support. Please keep well during this time.

For further enquires please email or check our EcoBank Facebook Page for updates.

Together, let’s break the typical ‘consume and dispose’ cycle by giving your pre-loved items a new lease of life through recycling and adopting a more sustainable lifestyle of consuming and disposing responsibly.

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