Achieving High Customer Satisfaction

To better understand customers’ expectations, identify areas for improvement, and enhance service quality, CDL regularly reviews customer satisfaction measurements through formal surveys. Our target is to achieve at least 70% satisfaction rate from homebuyers and at least 80% from office, industrial and retail tenants.

As part of the tenant engagement programme and continued efforts for improvement, tenants of commercial properties are surveyed annually on their levels of satisfaction on areas such as building and services management. In 2020, all sectors have exceeded the targeted 80% tenant satisfaction rate, with the office sector maintaining it at 97%, industrial sector increasing to 88% and retail sector slightly dropping to 94%.

For homebuyers, an online customer satisfaction survey is sent at least nine months after handover to measure their experience across various touch points. However, there was no customer satisfaction survey administered in 2020 as there was no development that obtained TOP within the relevant timeframe.

During COVID-19, homebuyers were continually engaged via virtual platforms. In 2020, CDL organised three online contests and six webinars on health, wellness and home design/space planning for our homebuyers.

Engaging Homebuyers in Living Green

Since 2004, CDL has implemented the Let’s Live Green! eco-home initiative for our newly completed residential properties. As part of the initiative, every homebuyer will receive a Green Living Guide, designed specifically to provide eco-friendly tips for a green lifestyle and to encourage active usage of green features and facilities catered within the individual property units and in the common areas. Soft copies of the Green Living Guide were distributed to homebuyers of Forest Woods when the development obtained TOP in November 2020.

Engaging Tenants in our Green Initiatives

Beyond investing in green infrastructure, we work closely with our commercial tenants, given that tenant and occupant activities within a building can account for close to 50%4 of the total electricity consumption of a building. Through our Green Lease Partnership Programme, we have shifted user mindsets and behaviour to jointly achieve progress for the worldwide green movement and dovetail nationwide efforts with BCA’s Green Building Masterplan for Singapore’s future.

Supporting Tenants to Go Green through the Green Lease Partnership Programme

CDL implemented the Green Lease Partnership Programme since 2014 to support our commercial tenants’ efforts to lower their carbon footprint. Since end-2017, 100% of existing tenants have pledged their commitment to go green by signing a Green Lease. Some Green Lease Partnership Programme activities include:

  • All new tenants receive kits comprising green guidelines and checklists to help them in fitting out works and operations.
  • CDL annually conducts various end-user initiatives, e.g. conducting eco-themed movie screenings, talks and workshops on environmental-related issues.
  • In support of World Green Building Week 2020, CDL conducted a quiz reaching out to close to 1,000 tenants on reducing their carbon footprint in the workplace and the intrinsic links between green and healthy workplaces.

Connecting with Tenants Amidst the Circuit Breaker


We stepped up our efforts to engage and help our tenants stay connected during the Circuit Breaker by rolling out CityConnect, a lifestyle e-newsletter for our tenant community.

Issued weekly during the Circuit Breaker in April and May 2020, stories ranged from promotional deals for food delivery services and household cleaning tricks to personal wellness tips for busy professionals working from home. The publication continued on a monthly basis beyond the Circuit Breaker period to remain steadfast in informing tenants about the latest lifestyle news, deals and trends. Moving into 2021, CityConnect will continue to share regular updates, happenings and other exciting content to encourage engagement with our tenant community on its brand-new Facebook page.