To better understand customers’ expectations, identify areas for improvement, and enhance service quality, CDL frequently reviews customer satisfaction measurements through formal surveys. Our target is to achieve at least 70% satisfaction rate from homebuyers and at least 80% from office, industrial and retail tenants. For homebuyers, an online customer satisfaction survey is sent at least nine months after handover to measure their experience across various touch points. Feedback and suggestions on project design, apartment features, as well as facilities and amenities are recorded for future reference and follow up. As part of the tenant engagement programme and continued efforts for improvement, tenants of commercial properties are surveyed annually on their levels of satisfaction on areas such as building and services management.

Since 2018, CDL relaunched the Homebuyer e-Portal that provides for homebuyers of each project, information on their property unit, the construction progress including updates of photos of project site and estimated TOP date, billing schedule, project payment status and booking of appointments for handover of their property units when the project has obtained TOP. With the launch of the “My CDL Home” mobile app launched in 2019, this information can now be readily available at the fingertips.

Across CDL, we have established and implemented procedures to report and investigate hazards and incidents. All our appointed builders are required to set up and manage phone hotlines for all construction sites. For our homebuyers, we set up hotlines and site offices to address any feedback and concerns. We also conduct post-TOP customer satisfaction surveys to measure their experience across various touch points and to solicit feedback and suggestions for continual improvement. For all the feedback and reports received, we follow up with the affected person(s) and relevant stakeholder(s) and implement corrective actions promptly.