Two Decades of Active Employee Volunteerism

CDL has been engaging stakeholders through active employee volunteerism to complement our community investments and deliver more meaningful impact in the public sphere. Volunteering not only allows our employees to develop their leadership and soft skills but also cultivates their sense of identity and belonging to CDL through a caring and cohesive work environment.

Since 1999, CDL’s dedicated employee-led volunteering body, City Sunshine Club (CSC), has been actively reaching out to the less fortunate and underprivileged, providing an avenue for CDL employees to serve the community. CSC organises monthly food distribution drives where CDL employees distribute household necessities to low-income elderly living in rental flats. During festive seasons, CSC collaborates with North West Community Development Council (NWCDC) by distributing festive packs to families staying in one-room rental flats and organises festive celebrations for terminally-ill patients and beneficiaries at Assisi Hospice and Arc Children’s Centre. In 2020, the pandemic made it challenging to organise and participate in outreach events. Notwithstanding the restrictions and strict adherence to social distancing and safety measures, our employees managed to achieve a participation rate of 28.4% and clocked more than 320 volunteer manhours.