Themed “City in Nature”, this year’s edition of the My Tree House’s “We Love Our Planet” Storytelling Contest edition continues to encourage family bonding through storytelling and home video production, while aiming to unearth young eco champions and their families to develop their love of nature and to take action to protect our planet.

Organised by CDL and NLB and in celebration of World Environment Day 2022, the “We Love Our Planet” Storytelling Contest aims to continue My Tree House’s education programmes while it’s closed for renovation, this time using both physical and digital platforms, while featuring the young eco champions amongst us.

To prepare for the contest, sign up for Storytelling @ Central Public Library and gets tips on how to be an engaging storyteller! Registration is free at

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Contest Format

  • In celebration of World Environment Day on 5 June, contestants are required to choose and tell a story relevant to the theme “City in Nature.”
  • Contestants can adapt their stories from existing book titles or create original storylines.
  • At the beginning of the storytelling, contestants are to introduce the book title and author that they are using for storytelling. If the storyline is original, this should be mentioned at the beginning of the story.
  • At the end of the storytelling, contestants are required to share a brief, minute-long statement on the lessons that they have learned from the story, as well as aspirations to help conserve the planet (e.g. I will use less single-use plastic, I will not support wildlife animal trade, etc.).
  • To participate, the contestants will film their storytelling performances and submit their video links on Google Forms.
  • The video should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • The video should be in landscape format.
  • Voice over is not preferred. The video should show the participant narrating.
  • Video editing is welcome but not a must.
  • Contestants under Preschool category can take part as an individual, or with the support from one immediate family member (e.g. parent, older sibling).
  • This year’s edition will feature a physical component, where top finalists will be invited to present their storytelling in-person at our Singapore Sustainability Academy to a panel of judges on Saturday, 30 July 2022.
  • Videos with the most inspiring comments on lessons learned from the stories and aspirations to protect the planet would also be featured in a short video. The video will be shared on social media and on the organisers’ webpages.

Contest Categories

Individual – Preschool
(support from one family member (e.g. parent, older sibling) is allowed)
3 to 6 years old
Individual – Lower Primary P1 to P3
Individual – Upper Primary P4 to P6
– Collaboration between at least two family members, one of which must be a child, from the same household
– Contribution should be split relatively equally
No age restrictions


1st 2nd 3rd Consolation
(4th and 5th)
Preschool $600 $300 $200 $100
Lower Primary $600 $300 $200 $100
Upper Primary $600 $300 $200 $100
Family Team $600 $300 $200 $100

Note: Prize money will be City Square Mall vouchers