Finance can play a powerful role in the transition to a sustainable and low-carbon economy. CDL’s strong foundation in sustainability has placed us in a prime position to tap into the thriving sustainable finance market. In 2020, we secured a $470 million green revolving credit facility for the refinancing of Republic Plaza and other eligible green projects. Such alternative financing streams enable us to accelerate the adoption of innovation and technology to design, build and maintain our assets towards a low-carbon built environment. Under the $250 million SDG Innovation Loan secured in 2019, CDL has stepped up on green building innovation. We are shortlisting promising innovation projects that can qualify for the interest rate discount. Aligned with good practices, our Sustainable Finance Framework has embraced leading global frameworks including the Green Bond Principles, Green Loan Principles and Sustainability Linked Loan Principles. We believe that it will further illustrate the good governance of CDL’s sustainable financing and contribute to building sustainable and climate-resilient cities and communities.

More than $3bn secured as of 31 August 2021

  • $847m Green Loan, 2021
  • $1.22bn Green Loan, 2021
  • $470m Green Revolving Credit Facility, 2020
  • $250m SDG Innovation Loan, 2019
  • $500m Green Loans, 2019
  • $100m Green Bond, 2017