Refreshed Green Building Standards

As Singapore’s real estate and green building pioneer since the early 2000s, CDL has amassed a portfolio of 114 BCA Green Mark certifications for our developments and office interiors.1,2 This makes us the most awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum developer in Singapore’s private sector. All new residential developments by CDL devote more than 40% of the site area to landscaping and communal facilities incorporating innovative designs and features. CDL supports BCA Green Mark 2021 (GM: 2021), which refreshes existing green building standards to improve energy performance and place greater emphasis on related sustainability outcomes.

CDL has set the following targets, endorsed by our top Management, to take our green building ambitions to the next level:

  • Continually commit to investing 2% to 5% of the construction cost of new developments in green and healthy design and features
  • Commit to achieving BCA Green Mark certification for 100% of CDL owned and/or managed buildings, by 2030
  • Commit to achieving SLE buildings for 80% of CDL owned and/or managed buildings by 20303
  • Commit to achieving net zero carbon with whole-life cycle approach for wholly-owned and directly managed buildings in Singapore by 2030
  • Commit to reducing the embodied carbon of our construction materials by 41% as compared to conventional equivalents, by 2030
1 Includes subsidiaries and associated companies. Information accurate as of 31 December 2021.
2 Fuji Xerox Towers was awarded the Green Mark Platinum certificate from 22 December 2017 to 22 December 2020. Recertification was subsequently put on hold due to redevelopment works.
3 Prior commitment to achieve at least one SLE building by 2023 has been achieved in 2021, for our redevelopment project at 80 Anson Road.


Awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum SLE Certification

CDL’s redevelopment project at 80 Anson Road (former Fuji Xerox Towers)’s residential component is the first private residential development to receive this award in August 2021. It was subsequently awarded the same achievement for serviced apartments, office and retail. This has fulfilled our Future Value 2030 commitment to achieve at least one SLE building by 2023. The mixed-use project is aligned with CDL’s 3S Green Building Framework, which follows BCA’s SLE building requirements and international standards for advancing health and well-being in buildings.


Raising ESG/Building Performance: Decarbonisation & Health Are Key

3S Green Building Framework


Introduced in 2020, the CDL Smart, Sustainable and Super Low Carbon (3S) Green Building Framework is a key enabler founded on two critical drivers – innovation and digitalisation – to support CDL’s business growth and transition to net zero operation. This holistic framework is aligned with the BCA Super Low Energy (SLE) buildings requirements, as well as international standards for advancing health and well-being in buildings. In 2021, the 3S Green Building Framework was updated to include embodied carbon management. This aims to align with the WorldGBC’s whole life carbon vision in the expanded Net Zero Carbon Commitment.4

4 Advancing Net Zero. World Green Building Council, 29 November 2021.


Innovating To Raise Building Performance

We raised the bar and aligned ourselves with more ambitious carbon emissions reduction targets and commitments set in the Singapore Green Plan 2030 in 2021. To achieve these new targets, innovation and R&D are key pathways in the transition to net zero.

In February 2021, CDL demonstrated a firm commitment to decarbonisation by being the first real estate conglomerate in Southeast Asia to sign the World Green Building Council (WGBC)’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. We pledged net zero operational carbon by 2030 for our new and existing wholly-owned assets and developments under our direct operational and management control. In November 2021 during COP26, CDL joined 44 pioneering companies to expand our pledge to adopt a whole life carbon reduction approach across our value chain. This bold and ambitious commitment reinforced our longstanding integration of sustainability to future-proof our business. As we move into a low-carbon world, we will accelerate our focus on innovation and digitalisation to support CDL’s business growth and transformation.