As a global sustainability leader, CDL has strategically focussed on a green recovery. Putting people at the heart of our business, we align our COVID-19 economic responses with the latest innovative solutions, technology, and climate science. Now more than ever, CDL will lead the way in the built environment and drive ambitious science-based action.

COVID-19 has shown that incorporating sustainable and health concerns in a building’s design is not just a luxury, but a necessity. In 2020, “Healthy Buildings” emerged as a new material issue and “Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being” was rated as the top material issue for CDL. Given the high environmental impact of the built industry, innovation and climate action have been CDL’s top material issues in our growth and investment strategy.

As Singapore’s real estate and green building pioneer, CDL has amassed a portfolio of 110 BCA Green Mark certifications for its developments and office interiors1 since the launch of the Green Mark scheme in 2005.2 This makes us the most awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum developer in the private sector.

Endorsed by the Management and supported by the Board, we have set the following targets to take our green building ambition to the next level:

  • Setting a minimum target for all new developments to be BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS certified, two tiers above the mandatory BCA Green Mark certification level (since 2011)
  • Investing 2% to 5% of the construction cost of new developments in green and healthy design and features
  • Commitment to achieving BCA Green Mark certification for 90% of CDL owned and/or managed buildings, by 2030
  • Commitment to reduce the embodied carbon of our construction materials by 24% as compared to conventional equivalents, by 2030
  • Commitment to achieve at least one SLE building by 2023
  • Commitment to achieve net zero operational carbon for wholly-owned and directly managed in Singapore by 2030
1 Includes subsidiaries and associated companies. Information accurate as of 31 December 2020.
2 Fuji Xerox Towers was awarded the Green Mark Platinum certificate from 22 December 2017 to 22 December 2020. Recertification was subsequently put on hold due to redevelopment works.


Raising ESG/Building Performance: Decarbonisation & Health Are Key

3S Green Building Framework


To further advance CDL’s green building ambition and support global net zero goals, CDL developed a Smart, Sustainable and Super Low Energy (3S) Green Building Framework, known as the 3S Green Building Framework. It builds upon two critical enablers–innovation and digitalisation–to support CDL’s business growth and transformation as we move into a post-COVID-19 world. An expansion of CDL’s green procurement guidelines, this holistic framework is aligned with BCA SLE buildings requirements, as well as international standards for advancing health and well-being in buildings. Plans are currently underway to roll out BCA SLE-certified buildings in Singapore by 2023.

WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment

Riding on our firm commitment to decarbonisation, in February 2021 CDL was the first real estate developer in Singapore and the first real estate conglomerate in Southeast Asia to sign the WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. By joining the Commitment, CDL is dedicated to achieving net zero operational carbon by 2030 for our new and existing wholly-owned assets and developments under our direct operational and management control. Further details can be found here.

Dedication to Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being

In 2020, “Occupational Health, Safety and Well-being” was our top material issue. As part of our dedication to this issue, we have implemented strategic actions in six key areas: policies, standards, certification, innovations, technology applications, and user engagements. From enhancing ESG policies on safe and healthy environments to implementing UVC disinfection robots, we aim to address changing stakeholders’ expectations through a holistic and multipronged approach. Further details can be found here.