Innovation has been a top priority in our growth and investment strategy, and we will continue to commit resources to scout for the latest technology and solutions that will help raise our ESG performance. Endorsed by the Management and supported by the Board, we have set the following targets to take our green building ambition to the next level:

  • Setting a minimum target for all new developments to be BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS certified, two tiers above the mandatory BCA Green Mark certification level (since 2011)
  • Investing 2% to 5% of the construction cost of new developments in green and healthy design and features
  • Commitment to achieving BCA Green Mark certification for 90% of CDL owned and/or managed buildings, by 2030
  • Commitment to reduce the embodied carbon of our construction materials by 24% as compared to conventional equivalents, by 2030
  • Commitment to achieve at least one SLE building by 2023

(Details of how our green buildings have achieved significant energy and cost savings for us and building occupants can be found here.)

As CDL continues to expand our overseas property development business, we have applied the same best-in-class green expertise and standards for our overseas projects. In 2019, CDL acquired a site at Monk Bridge, Leeds in the UK and planning is underway to transform the original stonework viaducts into an elevated public green space designed in the style of New York’s famed High Line, which will have a transformative effect on the local community. CDL’s Chongqing Eling Palace received the highest-tier BCA Green Mark Platinum Award in 2017, a first for a residential project in China. With a wide array of energy and water-efficient features, the development is designed to be 36% more energy-efficient and 24% more water-efficient than other code-compliant buildings in Chongqing city, China.

As at 31 December 2019, we have 110 BCA Green Mark developments and office interiors1, the highest amongst all local developers. The full list of our BCA Green Mark awards from 2005 to 2019 can be found here.

1 Includes subsidiaries and associated companies.


Aligned with Singapore’s vision of being a “Biophilic City in a Garden”, CDL is a firm supporter of greening our urban spaces. This design approach is most relevant and appealing as it addresses the global trends on health and wellness in the built environment and higher expectation amongst homeowners. All our new residential developments devote more than 40% of the site area to landscaping and communal facilities incorporating innovative designs and features – many projects have often gone way above Singapore’s regulatory requirement. Some of these have become iconic features and a key differentiator for CDL’s residential projects, for instance:

  • Amber Park: 65% of site area dedicated to facilities, lifestyle space and landscaping; features The Stratosphere, a 600m rooftop jogging track connecting three 21-storey towers and a rooftop recreational deck at 235 feet high
  • Coco Palms: 54% of site area features extensive lush landscaping and green features
  • Tree House: 77% of site area dedicated to landscaping and greenery; made it into The Guinness World Records from April 2014 to June 2015 for the largest vertical garden on its 24-storey building, featuring aesthetically-pleasing greenery that also lowers energy needed to cool indoor spaces by up to 30%2
Launched in May 2019 (Expected TOP: 2023), Amber Park has been designed with sustainability in mind. Notable green features include optimal building orientation that allows good natural ventilation while minimising heat gain, and sun shadings and performance glazing on the building façades to achieve maximum comfort for building occupants.
2 Research conducted by NUS has shown that across the 48 west-facing bedrooms insulated by the vertical garden, heat absorption has been lowered by up to 3°C, reducing energy required to cool the indoor spaces. As a result, the condominium achieves air-conditioning energy savings of approximately 98,000 kWh/year.