Sustainable Fashion 2.0: Greening Our Wardrobe

Today, most clothes come at the cost of an acceleration of the climate crisis, worsened livelihoods of garment workers, and loss of human and non-human lives and their habitats. What does fashion look like in our wardrobes and in our everyday lives away from fast, trend-driven and celebrity-fronted fashion? What if we began to notice our wardrobes as subconscious documentations of our past, present and future selves? Would this make us pause and rethink our relationship with our clothes?

On 20th November 2021, CDL launched “Sustainable Fashion 2.0: Greening Our Wardrobe” in partnership with social enterprise The Fashion Pulpit, as part of our Women4Green Impact Series and outreach initiatives on responsible consumption and disposal. The hybrid event featured a dynamic fireside chat, a chic upcycled fashion show, and insightful sharing from the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and New Zealand ambassadors on green consumerism in their own countries.

Runway models with CDL Chief Sustainability Ms Esther An (third from right), Founder and CEO of The Fashion Pulpit Mr Raye Padit (foreground in white), and the fireside chat speakers, after cutting a ribbon made of upcycled materials to launch “Sustainable Fashion 2.0: Greening Our Wardrobe”.

As part of the event, The Fashion Pulpit launched “Inside Our Wardrobe: An Experiential Wardrobe Exercise”, a public survey inviting participants to explore their own consumption habits.

Inside Our Wardrobe pushes forth the perspective that the material, emotional and monetary value extends beyond the transactional relationship between the wearer and their clothing items. By examining the relationship with the clothes we own, choose to wear, keep, and discard, this study hopes to uncover what clothes mean to us, and how we can be better wearers of our clothes to actively support better post-consumer clothing practices.

To view the report and the findings of the survey, click here.