BCA Construction Quality Assessment System (CONQUAS)

The Company’s developments have consistently excelled under the BCA CONQUAS1 scheme, the national standard assessment system on the quality of buildings. While it is not mandatory for projects in the private sector to undergo assessment, the Company has pushed for all our projects to be assessed since our inception, offering consumers a fair third-party quality assurance. In 2023, Piermont Grand and Haus on Handy attained the highest tier CONQUAS STAR2 rating.

BCA Quality Excellence

In 2023, the Company was conferred the BCA Quality Excellence Award – Quality Champion. This accolade marks the 11th consecutive year that the Company has received industry-wide recognition as a reputable developer that builds quality green homes and commercial spaces.

BCA Quality Mark

A voluntary scheme for developers, BCA Quality Mark measures the quality of workmanship in each newly completed residential unit, covering all internal finishes such as flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, architectural components and fittings, and mechanical and electrical (M&E) fittings and switches. In 2023, Boulevard 88, Haus on Handy, and Piermont Grand completed the BCA Quality Mark assessment with excellent scores. Results for Amber Park are slated to be released in 2024.

Community Inclusion through Universal Design

In line with our commitment to prioritise the needs of building users, the Company instituted a Universal Design Policy since 2011. The policy goes beyond the mandatory requirements specified in the Code of Barrier-Free Accessibility by BCA to create an inclusive built environment in Singapore that caters to the public’s varied needs. The Company also strives towards achieving a good BCA Universal Design index rating where possible for all our new developments. We do so by integrating user-centric philosophy into our design, operations and maintenance, contributing to an inclusive and barrier-free built environment.

In 2023, several of the Company’s properties received awards for BCA Universal Design index, including Whistler Grand, Piermont Grand and Haus on Handy. These developments incorporated universal design elements tailored for multi-generational living, including elderly and child-friendly facilities, as well as inclusive features such as signages with braille. For example, at Whistler Grand, wheelchair ramps are installed along the walkways leading to the pools, and family-friendly toilets are provided to support the needs of families. Similarly, at Haus on Handy, the provision of family toilets and diaper changing facilities accommodate the needs of families with young children.

1 BCA CONQUAS is the de facto national standard assessment system on the quality of buildings based on three areas: structural works, architectural works and M&E works
2 BCA CONQUAS STAR is accorded to a project that has attained a CONQUAS score of at least 95 points