CONQUAS. Our developments have consistently excelled under the BCA CONQUAS scheme, the de facto national standard assessment system on the quality of buildings. While it is not mandatory for private sector projects to subscribe to BCA CONQUAS, CDL has consistently pushed for all our projects to be assessed ever since the assessment system was introduced. The outcome of our CONQUAS score for projects that TOP in 2020 is still pending at the time of this publication.

BCA Quality Excellence. In 2020, CDL emerged as the only developer to be conferred the Quality Excellence Award – Quality Champion (Platinum) for eight consecutive years. This is a testament to our steadfast commitment to delivering quality green homes and commercial spaces.

BCA Quality Mark. A voluntary scheme for developers, BCA Quality Mark measures the quality of workmanship in each newly completed residential unit, covering all internal finishes such as flooring, wall and ceiling finishes, architectural components and fittings, and M&E fittings and switches. In 2020, CDL applied for the BCA Quality Mark certification for 1,384 residential units that we had developed. The outcome of this is still pending at the time of this publication.

Total Units Submitted for BCA Quality Mark Scheme1

1 This is accurate as of 31 March 2021, based on the BCA’s Information on Construction Quality (IQuas) platform.
2 Figures for 2019 have been restated to correspond with BCA’s IQuas platform. In 2019, there were no projects that obtained TOP status.