Multi-Stakeholder Engagement Channels

CDL’s stakeholder-centric business approach positions us for long-term prosperity and solidifies our social license to operate. By understanding the positive and negative impacts that our business has on our stakeholders, CDL can better anticipate and meet their needs. We define our stakeholders as individuals or groups that have interests that are affected or could be affected by CDL’s operations.

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Stakeholder Groups and their Significance to CDL Engagement Platforms Issues and Concerns
Our Employees
The health, safety, welfare and professional development of employees are fundamental to CDL’s performance and key to enhancing our human capital.
  • Regular dialogue sessions, town halls and forums fronted by senior management
  • CDL 360 – CDL’s staff intranet
  • Staff Connect – an inter-department committee that organises company-wide activities to foster work-life balance and reinforce team spirit
  • Educational activities (e.g., workshops and quizzes)
  • Biennial Employee Engagement Survey
  • Employee Assistance Programme, a third-party independent counselling service
  • Employee grievance handling procedures
  • City Sunshine Club, CDL’s employee volunteering platform
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) study
  • Triennial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) study
  • Corporate direction and growth plans
  • Job security
  • Remuneration and benefits
  • Career development and training opportunities
  • Occupational safety, health and well-being
  • Labour and human rights
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee volunteerism
  • Workplace environment and conditions
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
Our Customers
Delivering safe and high-quality products and services to our customers is our raison d’être as customers are key to the generation of financial capital.

  • Integrated customer and call centre
  • Homebuyer e-Portal and mobile app
  • Residential services
  • Green Living Guides
  • Defects management system
  • Post-TOP customer satisfaction surveys
  • Handover of strata units – on-site and virtually
  • 3D showflat virtual tour and online sales presentation


  • CDL Green Lease Partnership Programme
  • Green fitting-out guidelines
  • Recycling programme
  • 1°C Up Campaign
  • Curated events and activities for C-suites and office community (e.g. Healthy Workplace Ecosystem workouts and workshops, and CityDelights treats giveaways)
  • CityNexus – Tenant Experience App for Republic Plaza, Palais Renaissance and Delfi Orchard
  • Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey
  • Precinct improvement with Raffles Place Alliance (Raffles Place Business Improvement District)
  • CDL CityConnect—Dedicated Facebook page with curated content for CDL tenant community
  • Regular retrofitting of CDL’s managed buildings to improve indoor environment

  • Customer service and experience
  • Status of TOP progress and handover appointments
  • Ethical marketing practices
  • Workmanship and defects rectification
  • Design and features
  • Common areas and facilities


  • Green building and office interior certifications
  • Green leases
  • Workplace safety and health
  • Management of facilities
  • Customer service and experience
  • Resource efficiency
  • Environmental management, education and advocacy
  • Ethical marketing practices
  • Clean and safe workplace environment
Our Builders and Suppliers
We work closely with partners in our value chain to ensure that their operations are carried out in line with CDL’s EHS policies and standards that place environmental performance, worksite safety, and workers’ health and wellbeing as priorities.
  • Policies on EHS, climate change, green procurement, green buildings, biodiversity, human rights and universal design
  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Green procurement specifications
  • CDL 5-Star EHS Assessment
  • CDL 5-Star EHS Sports Challenge
  • Quarterly seminars and peer sharing
  • Annual EHS Awards
  • Declaration of EHS commitments through letter and pledge-signing
  • EHS risk assessments at concept, design and construction stages
  • Construction vision casting
  • Annual procurement guideline review
  • Legal compliance
  • Quality and design
  • Safety of infrastructure and managed facilities
  • Productivity
  • Innovation
  • Workers’ safety, health and well-being
  • Labour practices and welfare
  • Human rights
  • Social inclusion
  • Resource and waste management
  • Responsible procurement
Our Investors and Analysts
We strongly emphasise corporate governance and ESG integration and continue to build investor trust and confidence through open dialogue with shareholders and the investment community.

Our Lenders
We work closely with like-minded lenders by tapping on sustainable financing products to increase our access to capital and lower our overall capital cost in the long run.

The Media
We raise greater awareness of the green agenda and CDL’s sustainable practices by engaging the media regularly through mainstream news and information channels.

  • Annual General Meeting
  • Financial results briefing (half-year and full-year) with ‘live’ webcasts
  • Conferences, panel discussions, investor meetings and site visits
  • Media releases and interviews
  • Annual Reports
  • Integrated Sustainability Reports (annually and quarterly)
  • Corporate website and social media platforms
  • Sustainability microsite
  • Timely response to ESG rating agencies and analysts
  • Corporate governance
  • ESG disclosures aligned with leading global standards and frameworks
  • Climate change and net zero carbon strategies
  • Sustainability performance and tracking, including global sustainability rankings and indices
  • Reporting standards
Government and Regulators
We partner with key government agencies and regulators to elevate industry standards for green buildings, sustainable financing, sustainable practices, and health and safety standards.

Academics and Industry Experts
We work closely with academics and industry experts to explore and testbed new building innovations for a lowcarbon future.

  • CDL senior management representation on boards of various industry bodies
  • Tri-sector and sustainability-related consultations and dialogues
  • Longstanding partnership in various national programmes
  • Thought leadership in support of public policies and regulations pertaining to sustainability, green buildings and sustainability reporting
  • Development of green buildings
  • Programmes to cultivate responsible workplace practices
  • Advocating green consumerism and a green lifestyle
  • Sharing of industry best practices
  • Regulatory development towards a low-carbon economy
  • Promoting sustainability reporting in Singapore
  • Advocating ESG integration with financial reporting
  • Promoting occupational health and safety
Our Community
We ensure that our developments do not affect the wellbeing of surrounding communities. We also invest in community development projects (in particular youth and women-related), and foster tri-sector collaborations that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Public communications plan with residents within a 100-metre radius of our new developments
  • Builders’ contact details displayed at construction sites for public feedback
  • Sustainability-related conferences/forums
  • Consultation and dialogues with academics, NGOs and business associations
  • Integrated Sustainability Reports (annually and quarterly)
  • Company website and social media platforms
  • Corporate advertisements
  • Collaborations with charities and NGOs for community development
  • Universal design for homes and offices
  • Proactive communication on CDL’s development plans and construction works
  • Promoting environmental awareness and zero waste
  • Advocating best practices in sustainability
  • Empowering youths and women as sustainability champions
  • Supporting Singapore’s arts scene
  • Caring for the less fortunate
  • Sustainability and green building thought leadership and advocacy
  • Social inclusion
  • Ethical marketing practices