Innovation has been a key driver in our decarbonisation journey and one of the Group’s top-voted material ESG issues since 2017. In 2023, it remained as one of the Group’s top three material issues. As we move towards a low carbon world, we continue to leverage innovation and digitalisation to support business growth and transformation of the Group.

Enterprise Innovation Committee

At the corporate level, the Group has a dedicated cross-functional committee, established by our Group CEO in 2018. Chaired by our Group COO, the Enterprise Innovation Committee (EIC) curates and implements customer and digital-centric solutions that create near- and long-term business value for the organisation. At the heart of the EIC’s approach is a commitment to engage with talents and stay at the forefront of industry trends. To achieve this, we curate a series of events, discussions, and initiatives designed to inspire, educate, and empower our people.

One of the key pillars of our strategy is our commitment to invite reputable industry experts to stimulate conversations on the latest developments through sessions and workshops. These thought leaders bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering insights into emerging technologies, market trends, and disruptive innovations. We also have venture capital speakers joining us to share insights in key areas such as AI, Machine Learning, GenAI, and computer vision. These cutting-edge technologies represent the vanguard of digital transformation, offering unprecedented opportunities for organisations willing to embrace them. By learning from the experiences of these entrepreneurs and investors, we gain valuable perspectives on how to leverage these technologies to drive business growth and create tangible value.

By fostering cross-functional collaboration and breaking down silos, the EIC creates an environment where ideas can thrive and innovations can take root. Our ultimate goal is to empower every member of the Company to become a catalyst for positive change, driving innovation from within and shaping the future of real estate.

In 2020, a dedicated Green Building and Technology Application team was set up under the Company’s Sustainability portfolio. This team was renamed to Green Building, Decarbonisation & Safety (GBDS) in 2023. Leveraging the technical expertise and skills of its members, the GBDS team works alongside the Company’s Sustainability team to advance the Group’s ESG ambitions and shared goals.

This team complements the EIC by identifying scalable technology to reduce our carbon footprint in the way we design, build, and manage our assets. The Group recognises that a circular economy goes hand-in-hand with clean energy solutions to realise a net-zero future. These activities are powered by three mutually reinforcing innovation engines: (1) Innovation Pipeline; (2) People and Culture; and (3) PropTech Investment. For more information on our EIC, see CDL ISR 2022, page 45.


Innovation Highlights for Safe, Healthy and Smart Buildings

The following pilots reflect the Group’s commitment in decarbonising and using digitalisation to strengthen our business operations. These highlights are non-exhaustive.

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Daylighting Simulation

  • In 2023, Republic Plaza completed the installation of daylighting simulation panels in selected meeting rooms
  • By mimicking the natural patterns of daylight indoors, the simulation helps to improve employees’ focus, energy, health and overall well-being
360° Camera Capture Technology

  • The Company’s Property Development team piloted a 360° camera capture technology at Amber Park project site in 2023
  • The technology comprises 360° construction photo documentation software using cutting-edge AI, computer vision and data visualisation to efficiently record a site
Electrostatic Disinfecting Filtration System

  • In 2023, the Company piloted a Disinfecting Filtration System (DFS) at Republic Plaza
  • The DFS effectively deactivates microorganisms in the air which passes through 360° Camera Capture Technology Electrostatic Disinfecting Filtration System the filters and reduces both the energy consumption of AHU and maintenance costs of the Air conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation system due to prolonged filter lifespan. The energy consumption was reduced by 43%
Carbon Capture and Storage

  • Carbon Dioxide Mineralisation Technology was applied during the construction of Irwell Hill’s Clubhouse in 2023
  • The solution involves injecting captured carbon dioxide into fresh concrete mixtures, which were later utilised as building materials, effectively reducing embodied carbon in concrete products
Smart Water Valve

  • In 2023, the Company completed a pilot on a Smart Water Valve system at City Square Mall
  • The Smart Water Valve system removes air in the pipeline and measures the optimal and exact level of water consumption, effectively reducing water costs by 12%
VoiceAI Control

  • In 2023, M Social Phuket hotel in Thailand piloted the implementation of an all-in-one VoiceAI Assistant system within its hotel rooms. This was also rolled out in Orchard Hotel Singapore and Studio M Hotel Singapore, the latter on course for completion in early 2024. Subsequently, the system will be implemented in the remaining hotels in Singapore, including M Social Singapore
  • The VoiceAI Assistant is a communication tool that receives voice commands from hotel guests to trigger the operations of room lighting, air conditioning and television, acting as a smart hotel concierge for requests about hotel information and for room amenities, thereby reducing front desk workload and improving overall hotel operations and productivity



Greening the built environment requires intentional multi- stakeholder collaboration, time and resources. The Company’s extensive partnerships with key R&D players creates business value and helps us navigate towards net-zero goals. Linking a building’s sustainability to its design and integration of smart technology not only boosts energy efficiency, but also strengthens its resilience to climate change. A strong R&D focus with robust technology application is key to realising a net-zero future.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Since 2010, the Company has supported the transformation of the local urban mobility scene by providing car park lots with EV chargers. Our efforts support the Singapore Green Plan 2030, where 60,000 EV charging points will be deployed at public car parks and private premises by 2030. Since 2022, new lots were installed across the island – seven in City Square Mall, four in King’s Centre, four in Quayside Isle, three in Palais Renaissance and four in Grand Copthorne Waterfront.

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

In 2022, the Company partnered with SUTD to pilot a novel Distributed Carbon Capture solution developed for the urban built environment. Leveraging direct air capture technology, the proprietary solution, Smart Decarboniser System (SDS), directly removes carbon dioxide in any urban living space, reducing GHG emissions of buildings. Through an ongoing pilot at Republic Plaza, the results collected can contribute to the improvement of the SDS and towards scaled-up commercial viability.

Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

Since 2017, the Company has partnered with SERIS to pilot two projects – Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) modules and bifacial BIPV art wall. In 2021 and 2022, these projects were installed at City Square Mall and Central Mall.

Transformation and collaboration across the built environment value chain

Recognising the value of collective transformation, the Company and three other developers stepped forward to further strengthen our relationships with builders, consultants, and subcontractors. This was done through the signing of MOUs that demonstrate the commitment of industry-leading firms to support each other and collectively achieve best-in-class outcomes to improve productivity through digital transformation across the value chain.

Copen Grand received the SCAL Productivity & Innovation Awards

In October 2023, Copen Grand received the SCAL Productivity & Innovation Awards alongside our main contractor, Woh Hup Private Limited. This recognition celebrates the exceptional dedication to leveraging and implementing innovative solutions to enhance productivity within the local construction industry.