New Hires

CDL had 74 new hires in 2022, an increase in the number of new hires from 2021 by 12%. Out of the new hires, 62 were replacements for existing positions and 12 were for newly-created positions.

Employee Retention

Our successful employee engagement is evident from our employees’ length of service. The average tenure of our employees is about 8.8 years. More than 50% of our employees have been with CDL for longer than five years. Our employee resignation rate of 16.8% continued to remain significantly lower than the national average of 20.8% in 2022. CDL experienced an involuntary turnover rate of about 1.5%, of which 0.5% is due to retirement.

11 Computation of annual employee turnover is based on cumulative monthly attrition rate derived from the number of resignations for the month divided by the headcount for the month.
12 Extrapolated from MOM’s website as Q4 2022 national resignation rate was not available at the time of publication.