In support of social enterprises with purpose that are aligned with one or more SDGs, the Incubator For SDGs was another initiative by CDL in 2019, in partnership with UNDP, raiSE, and Social Collider. In 2021, CDL sought the second intake of impact-driven businesses with our new partner GGEF, a well-connected impact investing accelerator, in addition to our founding partners UNDP and raiSE. Located at the basement of Republic Plaza, Incubator For SDGs provides rent-free workspaces for selected social enterprises, start-ups and scale-ups for a year. These companies will also be able to tap into an extensive network of management experts to help them scale up and reach out to potential investors and markets. To align with CDL’s low-carbon vision, 70% of the fitting out materials were made from sustainable sources or recycled materials.

To find out more, please connect with Catherine:

[email protected] | +65 6904 6088 | www.ggef.com | 9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza 1, #B1-01, Singapore 048619

Social enterprises/Start-ups/Scale-ups at Incubator For SDGs

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Social Enterprises / Start-ups Focus SDG Alignment
Bountifood Tackles health challenges while maintaining consumer trust in quality and taste of food products through the development of innovative and cost-effective ingredients to be produced and distributed worldwide
ESG Tech Solves the scalability of KPI-linked financial products offered by financial institutions by advancing the acquisition and verification process of ESG material disclosures of corporations of all industries
Sophie’s Bionutrients Developing a new sustainable plant-based protein out of microalgae
Innovation Garage Teaches kids electronics and robotics, helping them to turn their ideas to reality
Sharent Sharing hub that provides product rental, service hiring and venue hiring, with more than 100 merchants (e.g. sustainable event management, barista services)
UglyGood Upcycles fruit waste and transforms it into natural cleaning agents
UglyFood Minimises food waste by converting “ugly” food and fruits into juice
ReHyphen Upcycles cassette tape and electronic waste into pieces of art and accessories
QELAB Started by two professors from NUS, specialising in photovoltaic asset management related business such as quality inspection and quantitative rating of photovoltaic power plants
Transforma Offers robots and robotic services to the construction industry, specifically in indoor wall painting and construction quality assessment
Future Cities Laboratory Application of composite bamboo and its application as reinforcement in structural concrete
Inspiring Girls Singapore Dedicated to raising the aspirations of girls aged 9 – 18 years old by connecting them to female role models and empowering them to build their confidence & resilience
SGP Foods Aims to help Singapore meet food and climate goals through the development of innovative technologies, carbon crediting solutions, and resource-efficient indoor and outdoor agriculture
Soristic Social impact consultancy that enables non-profits and businesses alike achieve higher impact through research in philanthropy and social issues and advisory on implementation and impact assessment of their sustainability/CSR programmes
Green Materials Sustainably sourced affordable construction products for all, curating products from responsible manufacturers both locally and internationally