Achieving High Customer Satisfaction

To better understand customers’ expectations, identify areas for improvement, and enhance service quality, the Company regularly reviews customer satisfaction measurements through formal surveys. We aim to achieve at least 70% satisfaction rate from homebuyers and at least 80% from office, industrial and retail tenants.

As part of the tenant engagement programme, tenants of commercial properties are surveyed annually on their satisfaction levels in areas such as building and services management. In 2023, all sectors exceeded the targeted 80% tenant satisfaction rate, with the Office sector achieving 93%, the Retail sector increasing to 97%, and the Industrial sector maintaining a 100% Satisfaction Rate.

For homebuyers, an online customer satisfaction survey is sent at least nine months after handover to measure their experience across various touchpoints. In 2023, customer satisfaction surveys were administered to homebuyers of Piermont Grand, which achieved an overall high satisfaction rate of 85%, and 81% of the homebuyers surveyed indicated that they would recommend CDL properties to their relatives/ friends.

We engage homebuyers in other aspects as well. In 2023, the Company organised three online contests hosted by Customer Experience Managers, and five webinars on home renovation, interior design, lighting and furnishing and health and well-being, as well as three specially curated lifestyle events.

Based on total number of respondents
* There was no customer satisfaction survey administered in 2020 as there was no development that obtained TOP within the relevant timeframe that is nine months after TOP

In 2023, the Company delivered 1,545 strata units at Piermont Grand, Haus on Handy, Boulevard 88 and Sengkang Grand Residences to homebuyers. To ensure a more convenient experience, most of the units at Piermont Grand Residences and Sengkang Grand Residences were handed over virtually, with a walkthrough of the unit and common areas via Zoom. 99.7% of homebuyers from Piermont Grand were satisfied with the handover experience. For higher-end developments, Haus on Handy and Boulevard 88, handover of strata units was curated for a more personalised experience. The handover experience at Haus on Handy and Boulevard 88 garnered a satisfaction rate of 99.4% and 100% respectively.1

Engaging Homebuyers in Living Green

Since 2004, the Company has implemented the Let’s Live Green! eco-home initiative for our newly completed residential properties. As part of the initiative, every homebuyer receives a Green Living Guide, designed to provide eco-friendly lifestyle tips and to encourage active usage of green features and facilities within individual units and common areas. In 2023, softcopies of the Green Living Guide were made available to homebuyers of Piermont Grand, Haus on Handy, Boulevard 88, Sengkang Grand Residences and Amber Park when the developments obtained TOP.

Engaging Tenants in Our Green Initiatives

Green Lease Partnership Programme – Tenant and occupant activities within a building can account for approximately 50% of the total electricity consumption.3 Through our Green Lease Partnership Programme implemented since 2014, we are shifting user mindset and behaviour to support the Company’s green building commitment. Since end-2017, 100% of retail and office tenants have pledged their commitment to go green by signing a green lease. The Green Lease Partnership Programme activities include green guidelines for all new tenants to guide them in fitting out works and operations.

CBM’s Recycling Programme – With the aim of engaging our customers and clients to adopt sustainable solutions, CBM Pte Ltd provides recycling bins at our work sites, with information on how customers and clients can recycle product packaging at their properties.

For our facilities management services, CBM Pte Ltd adopts a pro-active approach in developing rapport with our clients and customers to ensure effective communication and feedback management. CBM Pte Ltd conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey on two key areas, service level and our people, and we aim to achieve an overall satisfaction rate of 80% or higher.

In 2023 (for FY2022), CBM Pte Ltd’s customer satisfaction rate was 89%, a marked increase from the previous year. The overall response rate also rose to 86% from 73%.

In 2023, for customer satisfaction and loyalty membership acquisition at our hospitality subsidiary, M&C, we achieved a customer satisfaction survey result of 4.12 out of 5, surpassing the target of 4.10. We also achieved a loyalty membership acquisition of 3.86 million in 2023, surpassing our target of 3.8 million.

1 As Sengkang Grand Residences was still in its early stage of handover in late 2023, there was insufficient data at time of publication on satisfaction rates
2 CBM Pte Ltd’s annual customer satisfaction for FY2023 will only be conducted in Q1 2024
3 Tenant and occupant activities accounted for 51.3% of total building electricity consumption in 2023 for the Company’s managed buildings

City Eco Bag Design Competition held in conjunction with CDL 60th Anniversary

Eco bag designs on display at CSM

2023 marks the Company’s 60th anniversary. In conjunction with this milestone, the Company organised the “City Eco Bag Design Competition 2023” to support local design students in their pursuit of the arts, and promote sustainable living among Singaporeans.

Students were invited to submit an eco-bag design inspired by the Company’s ethos of “Conserving as We Construct”. Six shortlisted designs were displayed at City Square Mall, Palais Renaissance, Quayside Isle @ Sentosa Cove and Republic Plaza for the public to vote for their favourite design. Over 1,600 votes were received, and Giselle Baey emerged as the winner with her design, “Bringing us Life”. Featuring a turtle with CDL buildings and Singapore landmarks on its back, she urged everyone to carry the future together and do our part in building a sustainable Singapore. To encourage everyone to embrace sustainability and save the planet one bag at a time, over 13,000 foldable eco bags with the winning design were distributed to the Company’s tenant community and shoppers.

Engaging Tenants with Holistic Initiatives

In 2023, the Company continued to hold regular CityDelights giveaways to engage the office community of Republic Plaza, City House, King’s Centre and Palais Renaissance. One of the CityDelights giveaways was in commemoration of World Environment Day, where eco-friendly massage balls to help relieve muscle tension from daily office life were distributed.

In support of our commitment to promote water conservation and water-saving habits, we collaborated with PUB in March 2023 to engage our office community at Republic Plaza, City House, King’s Centre and Palais Renaissance. Tenants were encouraged to dress in blue in support of the campaign to redeem a Singapore World Water Day toiletry set.

The Company continued collaborating with Health Promotion Board to promote tenant health and well-being via Healthy Workplace Ecosystem-related talks, workshops and workout classes. In addition, dental and health screenings were organised for our office community. CDL CityConnect, a dedicated Facebook page which was set up in 2020, enables us to connect with our tenant community and offer timely updates on the latest happenings and tenant engagement programmes.