Inspiring Women Leaders

CDL celebrates the wisdom, passion and dedication of women who have transformed the world and inspired others to do the same. CDL is honoured to have partnered and engaged some of the most extraordinary women leaders who championed various causes that will make our planet a better and more sustainable place for all.

Faces & Voices

Dr Jane Goodall
Conservationist, Founder, Jane Goodall Institute
Dr Sylvia Earle
American Explorer, President and Chairman, Mission Blue/The Sylvia Earle Alliance
Iwona Piórko
Ambassador, EU Embassy in Singapore
Sandra Jensen Landi
Ambassador, Danish Embassy in Singapore
Margriet Vonno
Ambassador, Netherlands Embassy in Singapore
Kara Owen
British High Commissioner to Singapore
Jo Tyndall
High Commissioner to Singapore
Grace Fu
Minister, Ministry for Sustainability and the Environment
Amy Khor
SMS, Ministries of Transport and Sustainability and the Environment
Sim Ann
SMS, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and Ministry of Communications and Information
Low Yen Ling
Minister of State, Ministries of Culture, Community and Youth and Trade and Industry
Herry Cho
Managing Director, Head of Sustainability and Sustainable Finance, SGX
Dr Noeleen Heyzer
Member of the Under-Secretary General (UN 2007-2015), Member, UN Secretary-General’s High Level Advisory Board on Mediation
Sue Allchurch
Chief, Outreach and Engagement, UN Global Compact
Marie Morice, MSc
Head, Sustainable Finance, UN Global Compact
Isabelle Louis
Ex-Deputy Director, UN Environment Programme
Mildred Tan
Co-Chair, Global Future Council on the Future of Philanthropy for Climate and Nature, World Economic Forum
Gim Huay Neo
Managing Director, Centre for Nature and Climate, World Economic Forum
Kakuko Nagatani-Yoshida
Chief Technical Advisor, UN Environment Programme Thailand
Jesica Andrews
Director, UNEPFI-PRI Investment Leadership Programme and Investment Lead & Senior Project Manager for the U.N. – Convened Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance, UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative
Milag San Jose-Ballesteros
Regional Director for Southeast Asia and Oceania, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
Chitra Hepburn
APAC Head of ESG, MSCI Inc.
Pratima Divgi
Head of Capital Markets, CDP North America
Marina Silva
Environment Minister, Brazil
Jennifer Morgan
Climate Secretary, Germany
Mia Mottley
Prime Minister, Barbados
Susana Muhamad
Environment Minister, Colombia
Elizabeth Maruma Mrema
Deputy Executive Director, UN Environment Programme
Sandrine Dixson-Declève
Co-President, Club of Rome
Ezgi Barcenas
Chief Sustainability Officer, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Geraldine Matchett
Co-CEO and Chief Financial Officer, Royal DSM
Melanie Nakagawa
Chief Sustainability Officer, Microsoft
Jennifer Holmgren
CEO, LanzaTech
Ajaita Shah
Founder and CEO, Frontier Markets
Miranda Wang
Co-Founder and CEO, Novoloop
Cate Lamb
Global Director of Water Security, CDP
Geeta Aiyer
Founder and President, Boston Common Asset Management
Elizabeth L. Littlefield
Senior Partner, West Africa Blue
Eva Zabey
CEO, Business for Nature
Wanjira Mathai
Managing Director, Africa and global partnerships at World Resources Institute
Katharine Hayhoe
Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad
Rumaitha Al Busaidi
Climate Change and Womens Rights Activist, Founder, WomeX
Gail Whiteman
Executive Director, Arctic Basecamp
Lucie Pinson
Founder, Reclaim Finance
Mina Susana Setra
Activist, Indigenous People's Alliance of the Archipelago
Nemonte Nenquimo
Co-Founder, Ceibo Alliance in Ecuador
Dr Andie Ang
President, Jane Goodall Institute Singapore; Chairperson, Raffles’ Banded Langur Working Group
Dr Parvathy Subhadra
Managing Director, Green In Future Pte Ltd and Director, Singapore Institute of Building
Amita Chaudhury
Group Head Sustainability, AIA and Former Senior Advisor, Sustainability, UN Global Compact
Goh Swee Chen
President, Global Compact Network Singapore
Naina Batra
Cristina Gamboa
CEO, World Green Building Council
Yvonne Soh
Executive Director, Singapore Green Building Council
Ong Choon Fah
Member, Institute of Real Estate and Urban Studies, NUS and Executive Committee Member, Urban Land Institute Singapore Council
Pauline Oh
Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Urban Land Institute
Sigrid Zialcita
CEO, Asia Pacific Real Estate Association
Esther Chang
Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network Singapore
Dr Allinnettes Adigue
Head of GRI ASEAN Regional Hub, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
Yeo Lian Sim
Special Advisor, Singapore Exchange and Vice-Chair, TCFD
Jessica Cheam
Founder and Managing Director, Eco-Business
Kavita Gandhi
Executive Director, Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore
Lauren Sorkin
Acting Executive Director, Global Resilient Cities Network
Victoria Kate Burrows
Director, Advancing Net Zero at World Green Building Council
Maggie Lake
Media Consultant for ESG Communications
Nichol Ng
Co-Founder, Food Bank Singapore
Trina Liang
CEO, Halo Health Asia and Chair World Food Future, Founder, Women in Sustainability & Environment Society (WISE)
Inch Chua
Singer, Artist
J.J. Chuan
Founder, Rehyphen®
Dr Ingrid Burke
Jr. Dean, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Dr Judith Walls
Chair for Sustainability Management, University of St. Gallen
Dr Audrey Chia
Associate Professor, NUS Business School & Yong Lin School of Medicine
Dr Annie Koh
Professor Emeritus of Finance, SMU and Academic Advisor, Business Families Institute and International Trading Institute
Dr Amy Ho
Director, Office of Environmental Sustainability, NUS
Dr Karenne Tun
Director, Coastal and Marine, National Biodiversity Centre, National Parks Board
Dr Neo Mei Lin
Research Fellow, Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS
Melissa Low
Research Fellow, NUS Energy Studies Institute
Cheryl Chen
Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability, Asia Pacific, S&P Global
Christina Lee
Founder & CEO, Global Green Economic Forum and Impact Entrepreneur, Incubator For SDGs
Eu-Lin Fang
Partner, PwC Singapore
Stephanie Dickson
Co-Founder, Green Is The New Black
Paula Miquelis
Co-Founder, Green Is The New Black
Nithiya Laila
Culinary Anthropologist
Olivia Choong
President and Co-Founder, Green Drinks Singapore
Anuja Byotra and Lara Rath
Co-Founders, Secondsguru
Saloni Goel
Member, Expert Appraisal Committee, Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Government of India
Samantha Tan
General Manager, South Beach Consortium
Joy Esther Gai Jiazi
Asia Pacific Programmes Head (Net Zero), WGBC
Agatha Lee
Textile Artist, Co-Founder, Green Collective SG
Florence Tay
Co-Founder, Unpackt