The window for human intervention to address climate change is closing fast. Youths are the catalyst for change, and can help propel climate action. For this edition of the CDL E-Generation Challenge, CDL called for eco champions in Singapore and ASEAN from ages 18 to 35 to tell us their thoughts on “Why and how should we achieve a low-carbon lifestyle?”. The winner won a two-week dream Antarctic Climate Epic Expedition with Dr Sylvia Earle, TIME Magazine’s first “Hero of the Planet”, on a state-of-the-art vessel aptly named the ‘Sylvia Earle’. Runner-ups won an educational trip with Earth Company, located in Ubud, Bali.

CDL E-Generation Challenge 2022 Winner Kong Man Jing, or better known as Biogirl MJ, shares her experience alongside some 120 ACE ambassadors, all extraordinary, global citizens with Dr Sylvia Earle on a voyage to the Antarctic. Organised by Ocean Geographic, the Antarctic Climate Expedition (ACE) was a two-week long journey to the front line of climate change – aimed at bringing awareness and rally action for ocean-focussed climate solutions and a Global Net-Zero carbon emission by 2035. On board, the ACE ambassadors formulated 23 resolutions during the Expedition to radically reduce carbon emissions and achieve a tipping point in environmentally positive attitudes and behaviour. These will be developed into strategies that will be directed through a top-down and bottom-up action plan, to be championed through their communities, corporates, organisations, and government capacities far beyond the Expedition to meet the mission goals and objectives.

Currently, photos and information from the expedition are showcased at the ‘Melting Ice, Sinking Cities’ exhibition at the CDL Green Gallery at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The exhibition will run from now till end of March 2024. You may also view the virtual exhibition here.

Runners-up Samantha Thian and Woo Qiyun joined a specially curated three-day sustainability workshop in Mana Earthly Paradise Bali run by an NGO, Earth Company, where sustainability is at the forefront of everything they do. Based in Japan and Indonesia and founded by Tomo Hamakawa and Aska Hamakawa, who were accidental hoteliers but currently full time social and impact entrepreneurs, Earth Company is an impact-driven social enterprise that offers transformational support to change-makers, delivers inspiring educational programs, and provides professional consulting services.