8 and 9 July

CDL’s Youth4Climate (Y4C) Festival returned for its 6th edition this year, held at South Beach Consortium from 8-9 July. This is CDL’s 6th year of support for Go Green SG Week (formerly known as Climate Action Week) organised by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, to rally youths to accelerate climate action. This is also our 4th year supporting the President’s Challenge, to help the less fortunate. Minister Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment of Singapore, delivered closing remarks towards the end of the Youth4Climate Concert on 8 July.


Youth4Climate Concert

CDL’s Youth4Climate Concert returned this year at South Beach Consortium, serving as a finale to the action-packed Go Green SG week that rallied people and communities to drive change.

We lined up 11 musical acts, including three storytelling presentations from past winners of CDL’s My Tree House “We Love Our Planet” Storytelling Contest.

In support of the President’s Challenge, CDL donated $5.00 for every ‘like’ and ‘share’ of CDL’s Youth4Climate-related social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The donations contributed to the President’s Challenge 2023 fundraising efforts for its various welfare beneficiaries.

Eco Workshops

As part of CDL’s long-standing commitment to raise awareness on sustainability, we engaged various youth groups to conduct workshops covering topics such as climate action and activism, climate policy and regulation, and climate science and education.

Workshop organisers comprised EB Impact, Seastainable, LepakinSG, Stridy, Climate Fresk, and Biogirl MJ.

Eco Marketplace

An adamant supporter of green innovators advocating for more sustainable lifestyles, we also featured an Eco Marketplace at the festival. 40 vendors passionately dedicated to promoting sustainability and eco-conscious living were able to display their goods and services to the public.

Vendors included Zero Waste SG, Darifarida, Metier Foods, Semula, Happy Tots, Eggshell, Recle, Soil Social, and many more!

Movie Screenings of Happy Feet I and II

In line with CDL’s third Climate Action Exhibition “Melting Ice, Sinking Cities”, we closed out each day of the 2-day festival with movie screenings of Happy Feet I and II. Youths, families and friends enjoyed the outdoor movie screenings of the climate-related films with popcorn, candy floss, ice cream and hot dogs for two days.