Frontrunner in Smart Building Solutions

CDL has long been committed to adopting technology-based solutions in our residential, commercial and retail developments. These solutions improve operational efficiency, safety, and comfort while reducing costs for both our tenants and homebuyers. Some of the more recent initiatives include:

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LATEST DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS Initiative Features and Benefits
  • Amber Park (Expected TOP: 2023)
Smart Home Systems in all units
  • Smart Hub connects all smart appliances for residents to remotely control them via the Smart Home app
  • Smart Aircon enables residents to remotely turn on / off the aircon
  • Smart Lighting enables residents to remotely schedule to turn on / off the lighting
  • Smart Door enables residents to remotely monitor if the door is opened / closed and notified when it is unlocked
  • Smart Smoke Detector remotely alerts residents if smoke is detected
  • Smart Voice Control enables handsfree control of smart home devices with built-in Google Assistant
  • Smart Booking facilitates the checking of availability of facilities and the booking of facilities
  • Smart Parcel alerts residents to retrieve packages and letters
  • Smart Audio Video Intercom enables residents to check guest arrivals at the lift lobby and grant access
  • Smart Invite enables residents to provide visitors with a QR invite for verification by the security guards
  • Boulevard 88 (Expected TOP: 2021)
  • Haus on Handy (Expected TOP: 2022)
  • Piermont Grand (Expected TOP: 2022)
  • The Tapestry (Expected TOP: 2021)
  • Whistler Grand (Expected TOP: 2022)
Wireless Smart Home System in all units
  • Smart Voice Assistant controls smart home devices, provides news information and calendar reminders, and plays
    music via voice control
  • Smart Digital Lockset allows for the remote locking and unlocking of doors
  • Smart Lighting Control and Air Conditioner Control automate lights and air-conditioning remotely
  • Smart Door Sensor monitors the opening of doors for added security
  • Smart Home Gateway with Pan and Tilt Camera allows residents to conduct remote surveillance and trigger a siren during unauthorised door openings
  • Audio Video Telephony System allows connection and communication with guard house and visitor call panels through residents’ personal devices
  • Forest Woods (Expected TOP: 2020)
Smart Home Technology in all units
  • Smart Home Centre (Lite) controls smart devices and sensors easily
  • Smart Door Sensor monitors the opening of doors for added security
  • Smart IP Camera monitors what is happening at home when residents are away
  • Smart Lighting Control and Air Conditioner Control automate lights and air-conditioning remotely
Building Management Initiative Features and Benefits
  • Republic Plaza
CDL CityNexus Smart Building Mobile App
  • Created by CDL, CityNexus is a new, innovative smart building app for all Republic Plaza tenants to enhance user experience and convenience
  • Offers tenants a myriad of value-added services, e.g. building access, “Find My Car” function, lot availability function, renewal of season parking function, building feedback submission, and allowing tenants to provide their guests with direct turnstile entry
  • ‘Order-Pay-Collect’ function enables office tenants to pre-order their meals from Republic Plaza’s F&B outlets and pick up when ready
  • Financial and digital solutions for F&B tenants: These solutions are in collaboration with United Overseas Bank to complement the F&B pre-order function by streamlining end-to-end transaction workflows, helping tenants to enhance operational efficiency and gain real-time insight into their finances
  • City Square Mall
Advanced Automation and Technologies for Environmental Services
  • Innovations and solutions are being explored at City Square Mall as part of NEA’s “INnovating and CUrating Better Automation and Technologies for Environmental Services” (INCUBATE) partnership
  • Advanced automation and technologies for environmental services tested at the City Square Mall include:
    • Deployment of robotics such as autonomous scrubbers for hard floor cleaning to achieve manpower savings
    • Application of traffic and ammonia sensor systems in toilets for more effective housekeeping and enhanced user
    • Application of anti-smell tiles for urinal area in selected toilets to enhance user experience
  • City House
  • City Square Mall
  • Central Mall Office Tower
  • Fuji Xerox Towers
  • King’s Centre
  • Palais Renaissance
  • Republic Plaza
Chiller Plant Optimisation System
  • Tracks performance and makes adjustments automatically according to the parameters
  • Ensures optimal efficiency at all times
  • Central Mall Office Tower
  • City Square Mall
  • City House
  • Fuji Xerox Towers
  • Republic Plaza
Web-based Remote Monitoring System for Chiller Plant Performance
  • Operators can remotely receive and monitor first-hand information of chiller system performance
  • System enables proper actions to be taken when deviation is detected
  • An extended pilot with BCA for a chiller efficiency smart portal
  • Central Mall Office Tower
  • City Square Mall
  • Fuji Xerox Towers
  • King’s Centre
  • Palais Renaissance
  • Republic Plaza
  • Tagore 23 Warehouse
Carpark Lighting Motion Sensors
  • Automatic dimming of carpark lighting to 30% during low usage
  • Lights will turn up to 100% when sensors detect movements
Wireless Smart Home System technological features vary across properties.
Expected TOP dates are stated as at 31 December 2019 and are subject to changes.

Investing in R&D and Technologies for Low-carbon and Climate-resilient Buildings

R&D and technology are fundamental in improving the quality of the built environment, and raising the standards of building performance and construction methods. In partnership with NUS, the NUS-CDL Smart Green Home and NUS-CDL Tropical Technologies Laboratory (NUS-CDL T2 Lab) were opened in 2019 and 2018 respectively. Both laboratories will conduct studies on smart features, green building technologies, and design for sustainable living.

Through running trials such as the integration of solar panels and fast-growing farming systems into the NUS-CDL T2 Lab’s modular building façades, the Lab studies the impact on natural cross ventilation, daylight, and thermal comfort in buildings.

Driving Innovation – Enterprise Innovation Committee

In this age of rapid evolution and disruption, CDL recognises that innovation is imperative to achieve a balanced triple bottom line and long-term sustainable growth. To foster creativity among CDL staff, the Enterprise Innovation Committee (EIC) was formed by CDL Group CEO Mr Sherman Kwek in 2018. Chaired by CDL Group Chief Strategy Officer Mr Kwek Eik Sheng, the EIC generates customer- and digital-centric ideas to support the advancement of CDL’s business, focusing on areas like energy analytics, video analytics, and digital twins.

Anchored in value creation, the EIC innovation engine comprises three mutually reinforcing gears and its operating model was finetuned in 2019. Moving forward, CDL will continue to build innovation momentum by emphasising on: (i) value created on pipeline conversion; (ii) capability and awareness building amongst CDL staff; and (iii) robust repeatable process to manage innovation investments.