Testament to our commitment to environmental conservation, CDL established a minimum target for all new developments to be certified BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS, two tiers beyond legislative requirements. To support this ambition, CDL typically invests 2% to 5% of a new development’s construction cost in green design and features.

CDL also supports various non-governmental and grassroots organisations that drive environmental conversation and sustainability within the wider community. Additionally, we support youth-led environmental groups in eco-outreach and education initiatives. Some organisations that we have supported in the past include the Singapore Environment Council and Nature Society (Singapore).

Since 2015, CDL has donated up to $100,000 every year to the North West Community Development Council’s “Power Up Scheme”. A three year programme, the scheme provides electricity bill rebate to low income households that have shown commitment towards reducing energy consumption. More information on CDL’s partnerships and community investment in environmental conservation programmes can be found here.