Inch Chua

Not afraid to venture into the discomforting umbra of the artistic unknown, Inch never fails to push her own limits and challenge popular perceptions; surprising people with her breadth of musicianship and depth of personality.

The Singapore-born, Fine Arts educated, Los Angeles/New York City inducted singer-songwriter was raised in a family of theatre practitioners, you could say, she was destined for the arts. A veteran stage performer in her own right — from major local events such as Baybeats, F1 Grand Prix, Youth Olympic Games to other lauded overseas festivals, like Beijing’s MIDI Music Festival, Incheon’s Asian Games, Western Australia Music Festival, SXSW Music Festival in Texas, CMJ Music Marathon in New York, TEDxWomen in Washington DC, etc — the self-professed nature girl has released 4 Singles, 3 EPs and 2 Full Length Albums in her 8 year long music career. Including the recent and critically acclaimed release, Letters To Ubin in 2015, inspired from her 4 month residency on a rural island, Pulau Ubin, discovering the provincial life.

Inch hope to make new music and create new works of art from her collective experiences and discoveries about Antarctica. Art that would deconstruct the mind, question hearts, dissect the soul, and inspire change.