Women4Green Impact Series #18: Singapore Cabinet for Climate Solutions

We celebrated International Women’s Day with a session at the Singapore Sustainability Academy that mimicked the Singapore parliamentary debate on the topic ‘Empowering Women for Climate Solutions’. The debate was moderated by the ‘Speaker’, and involved exchanges between ‘ministry’ representatives from MCCY, MSF, MOE, MOM, and members of the opposition.

Women are crucial in climate action but are often sidelined in decision-making and leadership roles. Despite their expertise, they face barriers hindering their full participation. Addressing gender inequality alongside environmental issues is crucial. Empowering women with resources and support is vital for effective climate change mitigation and a sustainable future in Singapore.

From leaders and activists to caregivers and innovators, women continue to break barriers and inspire positive change in every corner of society. Let’s continue to uplift, empower, and support one another today and every day. Here’s to all the incredible women making their mark and shaping a brighter future for generations to come!