Women4Green Impact Series #8: Sense and Sensibility: Smart and Sustainable Cities

In celebration of Business Women’s Day on 22 September and as part of Women4Green, CDL hosted “Sense & Sensibility: Smart & Sustainable Cities”, a virtual webinar that focussed on the importance of women in business and society, especially when bringing alternative perspectives to key urban issues.

This session featured women champions Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director of Global Resilient Cities Network; Armelle Le Bihan, Founder & CEO of Green Building, Consulting and Engineering; Emily Tan, General Manager of Shell City Solutions; Kris Villanueva-Libunao, Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer of SmartCT; Victoria Kate Burrows, Director of Advancing Net Zero World Green Building Council; and Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer of CDL.

The webinar covered their passion, insights and aspirations for building a more sustainable world with their skill set, intuition and sensitivity.

Watch the recording here