Given the success of the 2020 My Tree House’s Eco Storytelling Contest, the 2021 edition continues to encourage family bonding through storytelling and home video production, while aiming to unearth young eco champions amongst us during the COVID-19 heightened alert period.

Themed “We Love Our Planet” and in celebration of World Environment Day 2021, My Tree House’s Eco Storytelling Contest is jointly organised by CDL and the National Library Board (NLB).

Chia Lin Yu Kimberlyn, 6 years old

Produced by award-winning filmmaker Ang Qing Sheng, “We Love Our Planet – Voices of our Children 2021” features winners, finalists and selected participants from the contest and highlights our children’s love for our planet and aims to inspire people to protect Nature.


It was a tough competition this year! We are elated to receive some 150 impressive entries and are pleased to announce that we have planted 150 fruit trees for each participant in India to help small and marginalised farmers increase their families’ nutrition and income, while fighting pollution, conserving water and preventing soil erosion.

In addition to receiving prize money in the form of CDL vouchers, the top winner from each category also had 100 trees planted in his/her name! That makes a total of 550 fruit trees planted in India.

A big “Thank you” to our panel of judges, Ms Lynn Chua, NLB; Dr Audrey Chia, NUS Business School; Ms Kamini Ramachandran, MoonShadow Stories & The Storytelling Centre Limited; Ms Rachel Kelly, SPH Radio; and Ms Esther An, CDL.

Congratulations to all our winners! Click on the hyperlinks below to view their impressive performances.


Ranking Teams Story
1 Team Planet Earth Angels “Am I The Last Turtle Standing?” [adapted from “The Rock and the Bird by Shao Wei Chew Chia]
2 The Earthvengers “From Earth to Humans” [original storyline]
3 Team Bee-Zee Beezzz (Busy Bees) “The Bee Who Spoke” by Al MacCuish
4 (draw) Chan Mali Chan “The Bear and the Sword” by Davide Cali
4 (draw) The Ng Family “The Eco-Friendly Little Mermaid” [adapted from Disney animated musical fantasy film “The Little Mermaid]


Ranking Contestant Story
1 Chia Lin Yu Kimberlyn “A Bee’s Difficult Search for Food” by Mary Ellen Klukow
2 Lin Xinyu
“What Does It Mean to Be Green?” by Rana DiOrio
3 Audra Sephia binte Nor Azhar “Captain Green and the Tree Machine” by Evelyn Bookless
4 Tan Shin Yang “Earth Day Every Day” by Lisa Bullard
5 Sanvi Sharath
“Saving Planet Earthly” by  Juan Pablo Arellano

Lower Primary

Ranking Contestant Story
1 Charlie Yuqing Adams “Save the Tiger” [original storyline]
2 Wong Zi Yan “My Dream Earth” [original storyline]
3 Faith Priya Perera “Where Are the Marine Animals?” [original storyline]
4 Anneli Teo “Let’s Save the Planet!” [original storyline]
5 Emma Belle Hosking “Otterly Nature” [original storyline]

Upper Primary

Ranking Contestant Story
1 S.Nelini.S. Chandrasiri “A Cry For Help” [original storyline]
2 Isaac Chen Ying Hao “A Forest” [adapted from “A Forest” by Marc Martin]
3 Nurul Izzah Binte Rozaini “From Plastic Victims to Plastic Victors” [original storyline]
4 Shanice Foo “The Blank Page” by Alberto Blanco
5 Mohamed Rafeek Raihanudeen “We Can Save Our Planet” [original storyline]