Themed “City in Nature”, this year’s edition of the My Tree House’s “We Love Our Planet” Storytelling Contest edition continues to encourage family bonding through storytelling and home video production, while aiming to unearth young eco champions and their families to develop their love of nature and to take action to protect our planet.

Organised by CDL and NLB and in celebration of World Environment Day 2022, the “We Love Our Planet” Storytelling Contest aims to continue My Tree House’s education programmes while it’s closed for renovation, this time using both physical and digital platforms, while featuring the young eco champions amongst us.

Produced by award-winning filmmaker Ang Qing Sheng, “We Love Our Planet – City in Nature 2022” features finalists from the contest and highlights our children’s love for our planet and aims to inspire people to protect Nature.


It was a tough competition this year! We had the immense pleasure of inviting the top finalists from each category to present their stories in-person at CDL’s Singapore Sustainability Academy.

A big “Thank you” to our panel of judges, Ms Rachel Kelly, SPH Radio; Ms Fa’izah Binte Ahmad, NLB; Dr Audrey Chia, NUS Business School; Ms Kamini Ramachandran, MoonShadow Stories & The Storytelling Centre Limited; and Ms Esther An, CDL.

We would also like to thank all the parents for their hard work in supporting their children in this meaningful initiative.

Congratulations to all our winners. Click on the hyperlinks below to view the impressive online submissions that helped contestants proceed into the final round!

*Please note that the final rankings were made based upon contestants’ in-person storytelling performances.

Winners were invited to a special award ceremony on Sunday, 4th September at Palm Valley, Singapore Botanic Gardens as part of CDL’s Youth4Climate initiative. We were privileged to have renowned explorer and the first man to walk to the north and south poles, Sir Robert Swan, to give out the prizes to the winners.


Ranking Teams Story
1 Small Steps Big Changes “Fish” by Brendan Kearney
2 Food Rescue Team (Wu Keying, Janice and Wu Xinying, Janelle) “Cody and the Food Monsters” [adapted from the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources]
3 The Eco-ponics-Home-Farmers “An Eco Haven in the City” [original story]
4 Chan Mali Chan “Garden in a City” [original story]


Ranking Contestant Story
1 (draw) Zac Armstrong Chia “Mr King’s Machine” by Geneviève Côté
1 (draw) Ng Yi Han Tiffany “Trees Are Our Friends” by Kara E. Martens
2 Aadish Mondal “The Giving Tree” [adapted from Shel Silverstein]
3 Chang Zhi Che “The Curious Garden” by Peter Brown
4 Samarth Pant “Samarth’s Neighborhood in Nature” [original story]

Lower Primary

Ranking Contestant Story
1 (draw) Lauren Fleur “The Boy Who Grew A Forest” [original story]
1 (draw) Lahari Mula “Green is the Way of Life” [original story]
2 Wong Zi Yan “Burung Hantu, O-Wink” [original story]
3 Jacelyn Lee Ruo Lin “The Blank Page” by Alberto Blanco
4 Regine Yuen Rui Jun “Captain Green and the Plastic Scene” by Evelyn Bookless

Upper Primary

Ranking Contestant Story
1 Naira Chawla “Beach Cleaning: City in Nature” [original story]
2 Isaac Chen Ying Hao “City in Nature: A Home for Everyone” [original story]
3 Erin Sung Min Ah “The Little Seed” [original story]
4 Shanice Foo “Anyone Can Make a Difference” [original story]
5 (draw) Dong Siyang “The First Tree” [original story]
5 (draw) Kellen Yeh Wen Xun “The Bouncing Apple” [original story]